Prosecutor asks court to keep Buju locked up

TAMPA, USA — If the US Government has its way, Jamaican Reggae superstar Buju Banton will remain behind bars pending the outcome of his retrial in December on cocaine and gun charges. Continue reading

Buju waits for verdict

TAMPA, USA — Jurors will this morning continue deliberations in the closely watched Buju Banton trial following their failure yesterday to reach a verdict after four hours in the jury room.

The jurors retired at approximately 12:40 pm Florida time, after receiving final instructions from Judge Jim Moody, marking the start to an anxious afternoon period for the artiste and his fans. Continue reading

Day 2 Stephen Marley testifies on Buju Banton’s behalf

Stephen Marley

Image by The J Train via Flickr

TAMPA, Florida — Reggae star Buju Banton denied being a drug dealer when he took the stand during his drug trial in the Gibbons US Court here this afternoon.

Banton said he was “talking crap” during the conversation with Alexander Johnson, the prosecution’s main witness, on a flight they shared from Madrid to Miami. He said the incident has caused him and his family indescribable pain. Continue reading

Day 1 in court for Buju

Buju Banton

TAMPA, USA — THE first day of the cocaine trial of Jamaican reggae superstar ‘Buju Banton’ ended with what the artiste’s lawyers and supporters described as a good day.

The tension in the air during the morning session of the trial at the Gibbons US Court was all gone when court adjourned for the day, some minutes after four yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

Jury selected for Buju Banton trial

Buju Banton

TAMPA, United States — A 14 member panel of jurors was selected for the trial of Reggae singer Buju Banton in the Gibbons US Court in downtown Tampa this morning. The jury includes seven woman and only two African Americans. Continue reading