An Alluring look inside the Velvet Rope of Global Jet-Setting Trendsetters

As the sun sets on the famous Hollywood Strip  Horizon and gives way to an intoxicating  moonlit sky, you begin to see sultry shadows of style conscious beings emerging and being immediately whisks away to the secret back elevator lift leading  to Hollywood’s known Best & Most Avante Garde future-chic Rooftop Lounge that the city has to offer. Continue reading

Rock Jamaica Featured In Jamaica Observer Newspaper


rock ja observer crop

Rock Jamaica’s reggae tribute to Michael Jackson saw 300 people crowd the roof top of Kress on Tuesday June 30th. Black Gold sound provided the hardcore dancehall fans with the old and new hits while Dj Pj Butta compiled a reggae tribute to Michael that sent the crowd rushing to the dance floor.

The Jamaica Observer is one the leading newspapers in Jamaica so to have Rock Jamaica events featured in our home town paper is an honor for the Rock Jamaica family. We look forward to continue to promote the positiveness of Jamaica culture. Nuff love to Novia at the Jamaica Observer for taking the time to include us in her Page 2 section.

Jr Reid Smashes It Down At Rock Jamaica


Junior Reid doing it big from his Rock Jamaica Cabana… Click Pic above to see more…

I remember going to my first Reggae Sun Splash show at 16 in Montego bay with just my friends and I in a hotel for the weekend. My aunt cindy got us VIP passes so we possessed the power of access to the backstage area which I found out was very impressive to the tourist girls. But this write up is not about my tour guide days as a youth at Sun Splash instead that was the first time I got to see Junior Reed live on stage. As you probably know he has one of the most distinctive voices out of Jamaica which is why he is in demand not only for reggae music but also for hip hop. Rappers Game and Mimms most recently had him on their chart topping singles ‘One Blood’ and ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’. So for me to be able to see him at Sun Splash where I became a life long fan to then be able to have him perform for the Rock Jamaica family was a very special day for me and the crew.

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