Jah Vinci leaves Empire

It’s strike four for the Gaza camp as Jah Vinci is the latest member to make his departure from the group, after being signed to the Portmore Empire since 2008.

He becomes the fourth artiste to part ways with the Gaza camp following the likes of Lisa Hype, Gaza Kim and Blak Ryno after ‘beatings and meetings’. The three have since then changed their names to Lisa Hyper, Kym and Ryno, respectively.

Jah Vinci burst unto the scene in 2008 with Weh Dem A Guh, a collaboration with Vybz Kartel on Stephen McGregor’s hit Day Rave rhythm. Since then he has recorded songs such as Money, Watch Yuh Friends, Wipe Those Tears, Guide Me and Mi Know, with one of his latest being Mama Love on the Eternal rhythm.

Speaking with The STAR, he explained his reason for leaving the group saying, “Mi in Gaza a long time now, and at the end of the day everybody else a get out there and my work not really getting the recognition.”

He gave an example of such saying, “Mi have video for hot songs weh mi expect fi see out and dem nuh get out there.”

Jah Vinci also hinted that things within the camp had changed, thus playing a key role in his decision to leave.

“Everything was good, but after a while everything start change; and if it a change mi caan just stand by and watch, mi affi change too to better my career,” he said.

He said he has a few new tracks to do as he is now fully focused on his career, and has been getting calls from several producers including Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor of Big Ship with whom The Portmore Empire faction had a rift which was publicised with members recording songs such as Empty from ex-Portmore Empire member Black Ryno, who made his departure from the group in February of last year.

Now, Jah Vinci says he will work with anybody. “From dem willing to work,” he said.

“Inna Gaza mi did kinda get shadow, mi neva get fi record pon some rhythm weh mi shoulda record pon, mi did shadow from dem ting deh,” added Jah Vinci.

He is thankful to Vybz Kartel for the role he has played in the development of his career, as he says, “Kartel a mi don, a him set it fi mi. Big up yuhself, but yuh haffi be a man at the end of the day.”

New management

As a member of the Portmore Empire, Vybz Kartel headed the artiste’s management team.

All that has changed now as Jah Vinci will now be managed by Vybz Kartel’s ex-business partner, Corey Todd, with Milla Nine acting as his road manager.

“The situation was not right man, his career was being held down in ways,” Todd told The STAR.

“A long time mi see Jah Vinci trying, he should be a big artiste already with his talent. We’re about music, because his vision is music. He’s one of the best new artistes that has emerged over the years,” he said.

Todd was reluctant to divulge how he would help propel Jah Vinci to stardom, but shared, “Just watch and see. Just like I did with Kartel, how people see me do stuff that’s new and never before seen in dancehall. It’s gonna be huge.”

“He’s ready to take his career to the next level. Now he’s ready,” he added.

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