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Changes Coming For Farm-Work Recruitment
The Government is now considering major changes to how the farm-work programme operates based on suggestions from the United States government which made it clear that it was not pleased with some aspects.

Right On Air Jamaica
The United States Embassy in Kingston had issued a dire warning that the then national airline faced the risk of being grounded under the People’s National Party (PNP) Government because it lacked the political will to divest the Love Bird.

Embassy Says PNP Paid To Diminish Protest
Senior members of the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) provided the United States Embassy in Kingston with a look at the dirty underbelly of Jamaican politics in the aftermath of the 2005 all-island protest.

We Are A Sovereign Nation – Jamaica Tells US
The United States Embassy in Kingston was apparently ticked off by Jamaica’s failure to vote in line with it at the United Nations.

In a May 2007 cable, embassy officials told Washington while it was not sure how Jamaica would vote on Belarus’ candidacy for a seat on the Human Rights Council, it would not be surprised if the country did not vote in line with the Americans

Golding, Patterson Buck The US
Cables Claim PMs Ignored Americans’ Requests For Jamaica To Follow Lead On Iran
Jamaican Governments Led By P.J. Patterson And Bruce Golding Stood Up To The Mighty United States (US) And Refused To Fall In Line With Its Position On Iran.

Weak Portia – ‘Captain, The Ship Is Sinking’
The United States Embassy In Kingston Was Blunt And Damning In Its Criticism Of Portia Simpson Miller’s Leadership Of The People’s National Party (PNP) Less Than Six Months After The Party Was Booted From Office In The 2007 General Election.

Cable: Blinded PNP Failed To Heed Cement-Crisis Warning
Wary Of Claims That The 2006 Cement Crisis Was Triggered By The Inaction Of The Then Government, The Bruce Golding Administration Has Vowed Never To Be Caught In The Same Trap.

US Feared Jamaica Collapse
THE UNITED States Embassy In Kingston In 2008 Urged Washington To Support The Bruce Golding-Led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government Because It Feared That Jamaica Could Become “The Next Haiti”.

Cable: PM Called Dean Aid A ‘Drop In The Bucket’
Prime Minister Bruce Golding – Now In The United States For Talks With Senior Officials Of The Barack Obama Administration – Could Perhaps Raise The Issue Of What Assistance Jamaica Could Expect From The US If Mother Nature Releases Its Fury On The Island During The Current Hurricane Season.

Embassy Says Jamaica Casinos Were A Done Deal Before 2007 Poll
With Reports Now Surfacing Of An Anonymous Email Sent To The Contractor General Questioning The Process Surrounding The Awarding Of Two Provisional Casino Licences, The US Embassy Cables Acquired By The Gleaner Through WikiLeaks Give An Initial Response From The Americans. The Cable, Dated April 24, 2008, Has Been Edited For Length And Libel.

Cable: T&T Lost Interest In Jamaica LNG Deal
THE UNITED States Embassy In Kingston Was Not Convinced That Trinidad And Tobago (T&T) Was Unable To Honour Its Commitment To Supply Jamaica With Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Gov’t Delayed Announcing Malaria Outbreak, Says US
A SENIOR Official Of The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) In 2006 Accused The Portia Simpson Miller Administration Of Delaying The Public Announcement On The Malaria Outbreak At The Time Because It Feared That The Tourist Industry Could Be Seriously Impacted.

US Feared Jamaica Collapse
THE UNITED States Embassy In Kingston In 2008 Urged Washington To Support The Bruce Golding-Led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government Because It Feared That Jamaica Could Become “The Next Haiti”.

Cable: JLP Caused Its Own Problems
The United States Embassy In Kingston Has Argued That While The Jamaica Labour Party Inherited Several Problems From The People’s National Party (PNP) Administration Which Ruled The Country For 18 Years, Some Of The Early Difficulties Faced By Prime Minister Bruce Golding Were Caused By Persons In His Party.

Trafigura Forced Election Delay, Says US Embassy Cable
It Appears That The Trafigura Controversy In Late 2006 Forced Then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller To Delay Calling A General Election For Almost A Year.

Friendly Neighbours – US Quick To Respond To Jamaica In Time Of Need
As Jamaica Faces The Start Of Another Hurricane Season, The Tight Fiscal Space The Bruce Golding Administration Is Operating In Makes It Clear That The Government Will Have To Look Overseas For Assistance If The Island Faces Any Major Disaster.

WikiLeaks Cables: Senior JLP Member Lamented Trafigura Haste
A Senior Member Of The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Which Was Then In Opposition, Believed The Party Might Have Made A Mistake In Going After Portia Simpson Miller With A No-Confidence Motion In The Height Of The 2006 Controversy Over The Trafigura Affair.

WikiLeak Cables: PNP Was Split Over Dual-Citizenship Strategy
There Is More Information Emerging To Suggest There Was A Rift In The Leadership Of The People’s National Party (PNP) Over Its Decision To Pursue Legal Challenges Against Dual Citizenship.

Corrupt Officials
US Embassy rips into shady execs it claims were assisting illegal alien smuggling rings

In an October 2009 fraud report, the United States Embassy in Kingston charged that some local state officials were aiding and abetting alien smuggling rings operating in Jamaica.

Police Watchdog Sought American Aid
Struggling to deal with the problem of corruption in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Police (Civilian) Oversight Authority (PCOA) in 2007 turned to the Americans for help to weed out senior members of the force who were tarnishing the reputation of the organisation.

Derrick’s Demand
Ministry official claimed Smith wanted to clean JCF
Within days of being appointed Minister of National Security, Derrick Smith reportedly made it clear that he had a dim view of the leadership of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and wanted to make sweeping changes.

Custom Officers Fail Polygraph Tests
The Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) Reportedly Struggled To Find Persons To Staff A Planned Airport Interdiction Task Force In September 2006 As Many Failed Lie Detector Tests.

Wanted: Honest Cops – Cable Says Policemen Failed Lie Detector Tests
Seventy Per Cent Of The Police Personnel Selected For The Start-Up Of The Airport Interdiction Task Force In 2007 Failed Lie Detector Tests.

‘We Can’t Help You’ – Jamaica Denied US Request To House Cuban Migrants
In A Defiant Display, The Bruce Golding Administration Rejected A Request From The United States For Jamaica To House Cuban Migrants Who Are Being Held In Protective Custody In GuantáNamo Bay.

Cables Cite Threats On Lewin
Former Police Commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin was reportedly subjected to several threats on his life and that of his family after he was appointed to the post in late 2007.

The threats reportedly extended to the possibility that Lewin, who once headed the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), could be poisoned while on duty in his new role as the head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

No Thank You – Jamaica Rejects US Proposed Deportee Programme
The Jamaican Government In 2007 Reportedly Rejected A Programme Proposed By The United States To Deal With Deportees Despite Previously Appealing To Washington For Assistance With The Problem.

WikiLeaks Firestorm
Readers Response To Friday’s Story From The WikiLeaks Cables Titled ‘Portia Warned’

Bruce Fires Back – PM Attacks Gleaner Over WikiLeaks Cables
In His First Public Comment On The United States Diplomatic Cables Acquired By WikiLeaks And Now Being Published By The Gleaner, Prime Minister Bruce Golding Yesterday Blasted This Newspaper, Claiming The Media House Is Harassing His Government.

I’m No Spy, Phillips Declares He Has Never Been In Bed With US
Dr Peter Phillips Has Rejected Suggestions That His Relationship With Some United States Government Officials Is Or Has Ever Been Abnormal And Declared That He Had Never Second-Guessed Himself On His Role In The Extradition Affair Of The Reputed Influential Tivoli Gardens Don, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

When Spain Snubbed Golding!
A Secret Cable From The United States Embassy In Kingston Has Claimed That In Early 2008 Prime Minister Bruce Golding Was Snubbed By The President Of Spain, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Who Refused To Meet Him.

WIKILEAKS SECRETS! Davies Wanted To Quit
As The Nation Continues To Digest News That Former Finance Minister Dr Omar Davies Has Been Shifted From That Portfolio In The Opposition’s Shadow Cabinet, A Secret United States Diplomatic Cable Is Claiming That He Had Threatened To Resign From The Portia Simpson Miller Administration Shortly After He Was Appointed By The Then New Prime Minister.

Whiteman Weighs In On WikiLeaks
FORMER GOVERNMENT Minister, Burchell Whiteman, Has Expressed His Understanding Of The Gleaner’s Decision To Publish The Controversial Diplomatic Cables From WikiLeaks.

US Embassy Mum On WikiLeaks
THE UNITED States Embassy In Kingston Has Refused To Comment On The Content Of The Cables Acquired By The Non-Profit International Media Entity WikiLeaks And Which Are Being Published By The Gleaner.THE UNITED States Embassy In Kingston Has Refused To Comment On The Content Of The Cables Acquired By The Non-Profit International Media Entity WikiLeaks And Which Are Being Published By The Gleaner.

Portia Warned!
Cables Disclose PNP Leader Alerted About Corrupt Politician
A Ranking Member Of The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) Has Attracted The Attention Of Three Of Jamaica’s Major International Partners Who Suspect That He Might Be Involved In Illegal Or Corrupt Activities.

By Illegal Means
Jamaicans’ Part In Fraudulent Birth Certificate Schemes Prompts US To Endorse Travel Initiative
A MAJOR Racket By Jamaicans Using Fraudulent United States (US) Birth Certificates To Enter That Country Prompted The US Embassy In Kingston To Back The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) Despite Pleas From Government And Tourism Officials Locally.

Cable Claims PNP MP Idolised Seaga
A Former People’s National Party (PNP) Cabinet Minister Has Reportedly Listed One Of The Longest Opponents Of His Party Among His Idols.A United States (US) Diplomatic Cable Obtained By The Gleaner Through Whistle-Blower WikiLeaks Indicated That Former Government Minister Horace Dalley Indicated His Admiration For Former Prime Minister And Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Edward Seaga.

US Feared For Peter, Omar
Embassy Cables Reveal Concerns That PNP Spokespersons Would Be Sidelined
News That Dr Peter Phillips And Dr Omar Davies Seem Set To Play A Lead Role In The People’s National Party Administration, If It Wins The Next General Election, Should Be Welcome By The United States Embassy In Kingston Which Had Long Expressed Fear That The Two Could Be Sidelined By Party President Portia Simpson Miller.

Cables Cite Golding’s Worry Over Corrupt Party Members
Documents Obtained Through WikiLeaks Have Revealed A United States Embassy Claim That Bruce Golding Had Accepted That There Were Questionable Persons Linked To His Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Long Before He Became Prime Minister.

No Guns For You – US Rejects Jamaica’s Application To Buy Sniper Rifles

Jamaicans On Terror Watch List
Several Of The Persons Being Watched By The United States, According To Confidential Diplomatic Cables From The United States Embassy In Kingston, Are Suspected Associates Of Controversial Muslim Sheik Abdullah El-Faisal. Many Are Suspected Of Narcotics Trafficking, Terrorism, And Human Trafficking. Others Have Been Labelled Radical Muslims And Criminal Deportees.

December 10, 2009 – Government’s two-faced approach to extradition request” The imbroglio illustrates both the GOJ’s paralysis over the issue as the Golding administration flails for new legal points on which to delay a decision, as well as the PNP’s (People’s National Party) determination to use the issue as a means of attacking the JLP’s (Jamaica Labour Party) moral authority to govern.”

Don’t Embarrass Jamaica
US Embassy Cable Dated September 8, 2009 Reports Audrey Marks Appealed For America Not To Publicly Pressure Government On Extradition Matter.

James Loses Visa
While Energy And Mining Minister James Robertson Has Yet To Learn Why His American Visa Has Been Cancelled, Documents Obtained By The Gleaner Indicate The United States Has Long Accepted That Its Right To Issue Visas Could Be A Powerful Tool To Keep Jamaicans In Line.

Cables Claim Government Used ‘Economy’ Plea In Dudus Case
Despite Testimony By Prime Minister Bruce Golding Before The Manatt-Dudus Commission Of Enquiry That The State Of The Economy Did Not Influence His Government’s Handling Of The Extradition Request For Christopher Coke, United States Diplomatic Cables Claim Otherwise.

Secret Plan Fizzles
IT APPEARS That Only A Shortage Of Cash Prevented The Government From Establishing A Top-Secret Unit Staffed By Foreigners To Target Corrupt Police And State Officials. Based On The Nature Of The Programme, There Was No Announcement By The Bruce Golding Administration About The 2008 Plan To Establish The Covert Unit Which Would Have Been Allowed To Tap The Phones Of Jamaicans, Pry Into Their Business Deals And Generally Keep Close Tabs On Any Public Official Suspected Of Being Corrupt.

Phillips Was Pushing Gov’t To Act – US Cable
Opposition Member Of Parliament Dr Peter Phillips, Who Emerged With High Marks In 2009 For His Attempts To Keep The Extradition Request For Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke On The Front Burner, Has Reportedly Admitted He Was Trying To Push The Government Into Action.

The Nation Has Its Say
The Following Are Excerpted Comments From Readers Of Www.Jamaica-Gleaner.Com In Response To Yesterday’s Lead Story ‘WikiLeaks Secrets! Busted’.

The United States Embassy In Kingston Labelled The Golding Administration As Two-Faced And Suggested That The Prime Minister Was Less Than Honest On At Least Two Occasions When He First Responded To Questions In Parliament About The Extradition Request For Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Sharon’s Flip-Flop, PNP MP Renounces Then Keeps US Citizenship
New Information From The United States Embassy In Kingston Has Led To Questions About Whether Opposition Member Of Parliament For South Central St Catherine Sharon Hay-Webster Deliberately Set Out To Mislead The Jamaican People About Her Dual-Nationality Status.

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