Jamaican Film on the Rise w/Better Mus’ Come

THE highly anticipated Jamaican movie, Better Mus’ Come — a coming of age drama set in Jamaica’s turbulent 1970’s, against the backdrop of the Cold War — is scheduled to debut on local cinema screens on October 13.

This movie is a dramatic telling of the Green Bay Massacre, ghetto life and political deception of that time. The first major film written and directed by infamous Storm Saulter, and the producers indicate that it should provide social commentary about the 1970’s and the 2010 political atmosphere in Jamaica.

Described as an accurate depiction of the times, Better Mus’ Come took six weeks to shoot and capture scenes from inner-city community of Sandy Park, Kingston Harbour and other parts of Jamaica’s capital, using an all Jamaican cast and crew.

Saulter delivers a healthy dose of drama, violence, romance, comedy and suspense. In an interview after the 2008 screening at the Flashpoint Film Festival, Storm asserted “I’m not aiming to show violence for the purpose of action entertainment, but to expose the cause and effect and how we are all affected in some way or another, no matter the class.” The movie’s leading male Sheldon Shepherd plays Ricky, a suspected political agitator who fights for a party and yet still grapples with poverty each day. Struggling to provide for himself and his son in the late 1970’s, during the time the nation suffered a crippling water crisis, energy crisis, political and police corruption, and numerous murder scandals, gave birth to the polarized violence gripping the streets of Kingston both then and now.

Romance quickly buds between Ricky and Kemala, an educated country girl who lives in the opposing political community. She encourages him to convince his crew in the community to take a passive approach to the political gang turmoil and community violence, going against the status quo of confrontation, his crew doesn’t agree and this leads to an inevitable cycle of violence.

The third week in October will host celebrations in the memory of Jamaica’s National Heroes, the Wednesday prior will host a momentous debut. On October 13, 2010 the highly anticipated movie Better Mus’ Come will premier at the Carib in Cross Roads. The movie stars Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, seasoned Hollywood actor Roger Guenveur Smith and upcoming actors Nicole Grey and Ricardo Orgill.

Jamaica Observer


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