Entertainment is a Family Affair for the Garricks…

Neville Garrick is a Jamaican-born Los Angeles-based graphic artist, photographer, filmmaker, and writer known for penning A Rasta’s Pilgrimage: Ethiopian Faces and Places.

Best known for working with Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and creating the art work for many Bob Marley album covers, his love for the arts has led him to also work with Burning Spear, Steel Pulse and many others.

Years later, Neville Garrick has passed on his legacy to his son Nesta Garrick, who has worked on a number of local and international projects to date.

At present, Nesta Garrick is the art director for Love That Girl, a TV show starring Tatiana Ali which premiers in January, and the creative and artistic mind behind Damian Marley and Nas’ Distant Relatives album. His association with Distant Relatives also includes all merchandise such as banners, posters, flyers, etc, for the duo’s United States and European tour.

Not far behind is the beautiful and talented marketing and communications consultant sister and daughter, Naomi Garrick.

Social butterfly

Naomi Garrick, known as a social butterfly on the Jamaican entertainment scene, is also known for her work with several corporate clients such as Spanish Court Hotel, Geddes Refrigeration and artistes like Tifa and Alaine.

The three – father, son and daughter – have turned their family into a one-stop communication, social media and marketing firm both locally and internationally.

Nesta, a college drop-out, explained that his one-man show has its advantages in Los Angeles, where he works.

There, he explained that when somebody had a concept, it usually went through so many designers that by the time the designing process was complete, the ideas would change.

That does not happen with his company, which can guarantee a consistency not often found.

“We offer one goal and one purpose, instead of going to eight different minds to achieve the one goal.” Naomi, who studied hotel and tourism management through a joint-degree at the University of the West Indies and University of Technology, got into entertainment and public relations after being approached by Kimani Robinson to work at RE-TV where she was introduced to the school tour.

She was later approached by multiple artistes to become their publicist and that catapulted her into the world of corporate and artiste consultancy. Marketing, she thinks, “is a great industry to work in, but not all companies know how to market their brand, especially in the youth market, so I’m trying to tap into that niche right now.”

As Naomi and Nesta explained their journeys, their father, Neville, sat back beaming and then went on to explain how he felt about ‘the family business’.

Extremely proud dad

“Being in the arts all my life, it was just a natural progression for them, but I am extremely proud. It’s always great to see when your children achieve their career goals and support themselves in order to make the world better,” said the elder Garrick.

According to Neville, his career with Marley was very special to him. He recalled how inspirational the growth of Marley’s fans was to him as the years rolled on. Neville explained that Marley went from playing for 400 people in night-clubs to over 100,000.

The father and son duo is currently working on a documentary, Colour the Music, which chronicles the older Garrick’s contribution to the development of reggae music from the visual side as well as his relationship with Marley, Peter Tosh, et al.

The family continues to be a close-knit unit; they plan and bounce ideas off each other for various projects.

“We are very open with each other, especially when it comes to work and being creative, because we get the most honest opinions, ” said Nesta. Neville, on the other hand, is happy that Naomi calls her company Garrick Communications because, according to him, “that’s exactly what we do as a family – communicate.”

The three were in unison about wanting to leave a legacy of seizing the opportunities that life offers.

Jamaica Gleaner


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