A Real Smart Guy Murders Lady & Then Throws Rock @ Armed Jamaican Policeman

Cops in beating, shooting of man ordered arrested

COMMISSIONER of Police Owen Ellington last night ordered the immediate arrest of the policemen involved in the beating and shooting death of a man in Buckfield, St Ann yesterday.

The police chief ordered the arrest of the men following the viewing of an amateur video which showed the man lying on the ground, appearing to be unarmed and subdued.

Commissioner Ellington has also instructed that stop orders be placed on the policemen involved at all ports of entry.

Ellington, according to a release from the constabulary, applauded the bravery of the citizen who brought this incident to public notice and has encouraged others who witness any act of police misconduct to do likewise, “as this provides the best opportunity for the police to rid the force of those members who would want to act outside of the law”.

“The entire JCF family deeply regrets this incident, and we want to apologise to the family of the person involved and all decent citizens of Jamaica. I will take every action necessary to prevent any future occurrence and I am asking citizens to be courageous, strong, and alert,” Ellington said.

Jamaica Observer


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