Boycott Reggae Sumfest 2010 Unless They Drop Chris Brown!!!

Jamaicans have put up with the a lot of issues over the last year and even over this last week but to have the leading Jamaican Reggae Festival announce today in the Jamaica Observer that it has added convicted woman beater Chris Brown to the line up is extremely disturbing. Sumfest should be embarrassed to have Chris Brown perform on international night but instead they are celebrating violence against women by having him on stage. When will our obsession with honoring badmanism end in this country? The Jamaica Observers article is a joke as it describes Chris Brown to the readers like we dont know who this guy has become. See for yourself from a section below.

‘International R&B and pop star Chris Brown, emerged on the scene in 2005 and quickly rose to stardom with his self-titled debut album. With the release of Graffiti, his third album, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter enters his prime as a widely accomplished multi-platinum artiste. Chris is set to thrill the audiences and make history with his first Reggae Sumfest performance.’

Yes Observer, Chris Brown rose to stardom and then infamy after beating up Rihanna the night before they were to perform at the Grammys. Jamaica’s murder rate is at an all time high and abuse against women is still extremely high. So high that Amnesty International wrote an open letter to then Prime Minister Portia Simpson in 2007 entitled ‘Open letter to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Mrs Portia Simpson Miller, welcoming improvements to stop violence against women and encouraging new steps forward’. We remembered the letter and hope that if you have not read it that you do so now.

Sumfest is hurting as we saw from yesterdays Jamaica Observer’s article which apparently was softening us up for today’s announcement. But there must some other alternative for an international artist. I mean Vanilla Ice must be pretty cheap these days not to mention the example we are setting for the youth of this country. The children already have so little to look up to and admire why must we also say to them that being a woman beater or letting a man beat you is ok…

Please show your support to Boycott Reggae Sumfest 2010 Unless They Drop Chris Brown!!! By joining the Facebook group below. Spread the word and together we can get Reggae Sumfest to change their minds in a more positive direction.

June 2nd 2010 Update – On May 30th 2010 FB removed the ‘Boycott Sumfest If Chris Brown Is Not Dropped Page’ and all traces of comments with no explanation. We thank the 800 people who joined the FB page and we obviously pissed off the right big shots. Although there are many other FB pages asking for boycotts against people and businesses we were taken and others left up. We were heard for a short time and the message will be carried on that violence against women is not ok… Positive role models for Jamaica is what we need right now…

June 8th Update – Great Britain bans Chris Brown

9 Responses

  1. I boycotting because Assasin and Baby Cham on the bill and both of them big up Prezi and Jim Brown at Chris Royal memorial dance….

  2. Umm yeah ok.. So I see the point of this article. But I feel like this if it wasn’t a carribean woman that he was in an altercation with would it really matter to you guys? And I’m sorry that kid was not raised to beat on a girl and he had to defend himself cause Rihanna was out of control. Let him live in peace and make his money. He has nothing to do with the stuff going on in Jamaica or any other country. Jamaicans bought a lot of that ish on themselves.

    • Listen up man, mek mek mi ask unuh dis, a weh unuh born fram,a feekin exhaust pipe? Who woulda want a man fi beat im madda r sista? Unda NO circumstance shoulda man beat a oman! who woulda want a man beat up im madda n seh shi did owta control? Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! Mi nuh agree fi di boycott, but wi need fi mek a stance.
      Nex ting , adda countries put BAN pan fi wi Artist fi dem lyrical content, Y wi fi mek oman beata cum yah cum perform?

  3. exactly my point….this article i bullshit. Boycott Sumfest because Chris Brown on the bill? Thats just crap. Yeah the man slap up Rih Rih, but that done and gone….must he be boycotted for the rest of his life?

    If that is the case, you might as well call for us to boycott based on artists who promote gun violence by going to Passa Passa….

    No Sumfest caaan keep if we start making it personal instead of keeping it about the music

  4. Its okay to beat up girls and leave them on the side of the road in the middle of the night. whats wrong with you people? we should have a chris brown day and celebrate by beating up the nearest female, then we run away and the next day we just act like we totally don’t remember doing anything. Yeah I see this going global

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  7. The summer passed by, assuming Brown did his act. Anyways, good thing some people stood up for whats right.

  8. I hate you Chris Brown! Some peoples thinks that Rih is a bitch but they’re holy shit.Brown beat Rihanna and for me he is only an immoral man that excercises violence and betrays woman….Rihanna,go on girl! Don’t worry about Chris Brown! He’s just an animal that don’t know the feeling os a woman! And this is for Rih haters:SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH!

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