Hip Hop Artist K’naan, The Face for Coke at FIFA World Cup 2010

CANNES, France (AFP) — Somali-born hip-hop artist K’naan, who fled the war-torn country for a new life in Canada and turned to rap to learn English, will be one of the stars of this summer’s 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The 31-year-old musician and political campaigner on African issues has signed up to be the face for giant drinks company Coca-Cola at June and July event in South Africa.

Emmanuel Seuge of Coca-Cola said at the annual MIDEM music industry fest that the company had set out to find an African-born musician and chose K’naan because of his background and musical journey.

“The match and shared values have to be very strong and the artist is critical to what you want say through the campaign,” Seuge said.

K’naan’s career took off when in 1999 he performed a spoken piece criticising the United Nations for failed aid missions to Somalia.

It caught the attention of Senegalese star Youssou N’Dour, who invited him to contribute to an album.

“K’naan’s journey and music reflect the strong riches of Africa,” Seuge said.

Jamaica Observer


7 Responses

  1. nice blog

  2. you are my hero knnan i always love to listen to your song
    you are a dream to me i have got pictures all over my room about you i will NEVER EVER let people touch it and Rip it.If i move to another house i would get your pictures i wont leave 1 ever ever my here.my brother.let allah get you to heaven as i always pray for you.YOU ARE MY NUMER 1 STAR.WAAN KU JACLEHEY .Im only 10 and i will always keep you as aq number one star

  3. Dude makes good music and he definitely deserves more attention, so its good he got the sponsorship.


  4. Hi mina,
    how are you?Iam good so gave you a picture of Knaan
    i love you.BYE(a)

    p.s.mina rita

  5. hi knaan am1 of ur biggest fan nd i wish u tha best mwaaaah one love

  6. hi knaan how r u doing as u know we supporte u and i liked u very much

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