Buju Faces US Federal Court Today


EMBATTLED reggae star Mark Myrie, better known as Buju Banton, is scheduled to appear before a US Federal Court in Miami, Florida today for arraignment before a grand jury. Myrie, was held by undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents in South Florida on Thursday after a drug deal allegedly went awry. The Jamaican entertainer, who is facing charges of possession, with intent to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine, was being held at a Federal detention centre in downtown Miami.

Yesterday, an Associated Press report quoted Myrie’s lawyer, Herbert Walker lll, as saying Myrie is ‘vigourously denying the allegations’ and said he was looking forward to representing the entertainer. The DEA has alleged that Myrie, along with Ian Thomas, also known as ‘Yush’ and James Mack, also known as Spencer Clarke, were part of a drug syndicate and were caught attempting to negotiate the purchase of illicit drugs in a DEA-controlled warehouse in the city of Sarasota. A criminal complaint filed against the three claimed that Myrie was caught on surveillance camera tasting cocaine. Under US law, Myrie could not be slapped with a federal charge as he did not participate in the trafficking of drugs across state lines or international borders.


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  1. if he is guilty he should do his time

    bad jamaican

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