Rock Jamaica Holiday Party w/Red Stripe & VP Records


It has been our pleasure at Free i Entertainment to have brought you a party week this year since May 19th when we kicked off ‘Reggae on the Roof’ at Kress every Tuesday for the Summer months. Our goal this year was to bring the Jamaican vibe to the real Hollywood scene and we think that was accomplished. No other reggae party has ever merged the authentic uptown Kingston scene into Hollywood’s ‘A’ list night life as was done with ‘Rock Jamaica’ this year. For us to promote the positive movement of Reggae culture is always our main objective and we thank all of you who supported the vibe.

Free i Entertainment took ‘Rock Jamaica’ through the summer months and then decided to do ‘Rockers Saturdays’ inside the Kress Restaurant from September though the end of October. ‘Rockers Saturdays’ went well  and we were offered the chance to promote the entire club with the rest of the Kress Promoters on Saturday nights after the success of the all access  Halloween Party. This was a great opportunity for us but it came with some issues the first being we were not able to use our Dj Pj Butta in the night club so the reggae vibe was being lost. There has been some attempt by their Dj to play dancehall but it’s not the same as when we have control of the turntables.

Which brings us to this Saturday Night’s Holiday Party and why its so important for you to support. Having a ‘Rock Jamaica’ on a Saturday night in Hollywood is a big step for dancehall music and reggae culture as there are no other reggae parties going on in Hollywood especially not at a top club. This is a great way to introduce a reggae/dancehall to a whole new scene and we are very excited to be working with VP Records and Red Stripe on this event. If we can show that ‘Rock Jamaica’ fans will support a Saturday night at Kress then we can work on having ‘Rock Jamaica’ once a month and possibly more.

Free i Entertainment is growing and we have made some great relationships this year which will allow us to keep bringing you better events in 2010. We will branch off into Hollywood events sometimes but we will always try to bring the reggae flavor and we will always keep having ‘Rock Jamaica’ and ‘Rockers’ events to keep the reggae eclectic vibe strong…

Thank you for the support and we look forward to seeing all the familiar and new faces this Saturday night… Click here for details…

Special Thanks to all the performers who came out to support Rock Jamaica this year… Damian Marley, Junior Reid, Julian Marley, Charlie 2NA, Dappa Yute, House of Vibe All Stars… Also the celebrities Joss Stone, Warren Sapp, Mike Tyson, Rohan Marley and any others I may have forgotten…


Free i Entertainment, Los Angeles
Jason Robinson & Nesta Garrick…

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