Jason Robinson’s Hilarious Cameo In Box Office Hit “500 Days of Summer”


the puma

If anything is guaranteed, there are always unannounced appearances at Rock Jamaica. This time we are proud to reveal RockJA’s “Best Kept Secret” within the comedic story line in one of this summers top box office smash films “500 Days Of Summer“… Our very own roaring Lion of the “Rock Jamaica” Empire Jason Robinson makes a hilarious cameo guest appearance as “The Puma” in this story of boy meets girl true-to-life  romantic comedy. This unexpected  movie magic appearance of Jason as “The Puma” delivers a surprise twist to this raved about film adding to it’s charming and inventively funny plot  that  teases audiences with it’s unconventional hide-and-seek uncommitted lovebird chronicle.

If you are tired of the standard romances that have infested multiplexes as of late, I urge you to seek out 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, which is 500 times smarter than the average romance film..This is the kind of movie where telling people to see it isn’t enough. You physically want to drive them to the theater so they’ll be there in time for the next showing. Sorry folks, the RockJA shuttle has discontinued it’s service to theaters near you due to our newly added service to our  “ROCKERS” SaturdayJump-off at “KRESS” in Hollywood. Click HERE for a list of theaters near you to check out one of the funniest movies of the year.

Dont forget to stop by Hollywood’s Hotspot”ROCK JAMAICA” reggae on the roof on Tuesday and “ROCKERS” on Saturday at KRESS to celebrate with Jason Robinson and the Rock Jamaica Family for another step forward in world of entertainment.

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