This Saturday ‘Rock The Bells’ After Party Hosted By Damian Marley


rock ja gong for Table and RSVP

Rock Jamaica is proud to announce that we will be having Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley host the official ‘Rock The Bells’ After Party this Saturday night inside the Kress restaurant in Hollywood. Right after Damian finishes his ‘Rock The Bells’ set he will come straight to Kress  to host Rock Jamaica and chill with his west coast crew. Once the vibes get crazy enough there might be a ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ gift a long with some new tracks including possible duo with his Distant Relative. Brap Brap. Expect to be taken on a dancing journey all night with veteran Dj PJ Butta holding the turntables playing the best in reggae, dancehall and hip hop.

Damian and Nas have been headlining the Rock The Bells tour all summer long which has been selling out across the country. The Rock Jamaica family caught Damian & Nas plus Chali 2na doing a show last Thursday July 30th in Arcata which is in Northern California and it was awesome. Chali killed it with songs off his new album ‘Fish Outta Water’ along with some classics. Nas came out after Chali and ripped a 2o minute set before bringing out Damian. Then the two performed some songs off their unreleased album ‘Distant Relatives’ which is due out early next year. Nas left Damian to do a solo set and then returned to close out the show with Damian. It was an amazing performance all backed by Damian’s Empire band.

Damian’s music has always had a deep message and influenced people to move in positive way rather than try and go the ganster route. His fathers prescence can definitely be felt in his music yet his dancehall style shows that he has gone his own way. We believe Damian to be on of the greatest artists/producers to ever come out of Jamaica and encourage all who have never seen him to come out this Saturday night and witness history.

Below is the Damian & Nas Preview of Distant Relatives and the ‘Rock Jamaica’ dub plates Damian did for us before we launched our Reggae on the Roof Top party Tuesday Nights at Kress.


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