Dappa Yute Performs ‘Feel The Vibe’ This Tuesday @ Rock Jamaica


dappa flier
Tuesday July 21st @ Kress 6608 Hollywood Blvd. 90028

Rock Jamaica is proud to have Dappa Yute performing this Tuesday on the roof top of Kress in Hollywood. Our goal has always been to help upcoming artists who posses talent and a serious work ethic to make it on their own so it was an easy decision to give Dappa the opportunity to perform. We were very impressed with the new single ‘Feel the Vibe’ and especially the music video which is better than a lot of big named artists videos that are currently in rotation on television. Dappa has a very good opportunity right now to get noticed with Sean Paul dropping his new album and Damian Marley touring with Nas on the ‘Rock the Bells’ tour. People are going to be hearing a lot more dancehall this summer due to Damian and Sean being back on the scene so we thought it was good time to let an undiscovered artist take the stage at Rock Jamaica. Rock Jamaica’s last performances saw reggae legend Junior Reid and hip hop icon Chali 2NA of Jurassic 5 take the roof top by storm so all eyes will be on Dappa to see how he can move the crowd this Tuesday on the roof. Check out Dappa Yute’s new music video below and his brief bio.

Justin Chong aka “Dappa Yute” was born October 21st, 1984 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Adopted to a Jamaican father and British mother, he was raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He went to school, played sports and loved listening to music, like any other teenager. He was in and out of schools, and he eventually realized that there were things he wanted to say but didn’t know how to say them; so he turned to writing music as a creative outlet. He started recording with his friends at a home studio soon thereafter. The artiste fondly recalls, “I wasn’t that serious at first, I just made music for fun. But after recording a few songs, people started to take notice”. Dappa Yute has performed at ‘Reggae Sumfest’, the biggest live reggae show in the world, where he opened for Lionel Richie and Kanye West.

Throughout the making of his first album, he had ups and downs, and in the process, he grew tremendously, but he’s ready for the next level. He says, “I’ve been making music and doing my thing for years now, but I feel like I haven’t gotten the respect I deserve. Now I’m going all out”. Dappa Yute is poised to take the world by storm. His style is unique as is his vocal ability, and with “Jamaican Whiteboy” being his second album to date, Dappa is more optimistic than ever.


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