Super “Haute” Jamaican Model Nell Robinson In This Months Cosmopolitan Magazine


Poised For Perfection
Cosmopolitan Magazine/August 2009

cosmonell6 katy-perry-cosmo-cover
Nell in Aug. Cosmo                                     August 2009 Cover

Nell Robinson-Jamaica’s sweetheart, A true “Island Goddess” turned International Supermodel graces once more the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine for the month of August 2009 (p. 186). Nell now being a household name to many across the globe,  has an  unprecedented record holding of the most requested model via email since her first appearance in Cosmopolitan Magazine Uk Issue march 2008 (p. 214). Known for her genuine sweetness and a heart of gold at her core, She remains at the edge of the high fashion industry while remaining in the Heart of Jamaica as well as remaining in the hearts of  the Cosmopolitan Execs. The Magazine has since generously rewarded this “Island Goddess” with a prestigious eight page spread rightly titled ‘The New Sexy Must – Haves’ (Aug 09 issue) that’s absolutely breath-taking.  The french snapper Arthur Belebeau magically captured the maturity and sophisticated sexiness of this divine beauty’s  sensual radiant femininity, not to mention Nells  youthful angles and curves highlighting the allure of her sultry silhouette.

The Super “Haute” Model Nell Robinson evokes a unique signature sophisticated sexiness of her own while  modeling eight different outfits by top designers Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, DKNY, R&Y Augousti, Leyendecker, Bebe and H&M. Trust us when we say these designers outfits and jewelery never looked so enticing. The sultry curves of Nell’s 5’10 glamorous frame allows the clothes to reach their full jaw dropping capability not to mention her facial expressions working the camera taking the reader on eight different short stories for each outfit.We’ve followed Nell’s career since she first started a few years ago and in this spread she radiates a confident command of the camera, leaving the viewer feeling as if he’s been kissed by a rose. That is a for sure effect  that of only a”Supermodel” can bring out.With her Midas touch of Luminous presence glazing the pages of Cosmopolitan (Aug 2009 p.186) , there is no doubt that she’ll break her own record since her last featured appearance within Cosmos pages. The combination of hard work, dedication, passion and her unique radiant beauty, Nell has managed to turn her world gold with her every rising step.

Nell got her start in London with Select, the number one Modeling Agency in that Market after placing in the top fifteen of Ford’s Supermodel of the World Contest. Covered by the likes of Arena, GQ and Cosmo, Nell’s break came when Arena Magazine put her on their cover and declared her ‘The Body’ back in 2005. Nell has since shot campaigns for the sexy Victoria’s Secret, Gossard lingerie lines, Nordstrom, H&M, Rimmel, Allure, and Trace magazine shot by the legendary photographer Jean Baptiste.

Congratulations again Nell  as you are for sure destined to be a treasured gem by the future leaders of the fashion industry.

Pay close attention Folks–The lure of this “Goddess of Supermodels” Nell Robinson continues…

Sidjae Sky

Two of Nell’s eight pages in the August issue of Cosmopolitan on news stands now. Email Cosmopolitan by clicking here to let them know how much we love and appreciate them using Nell.



3 Responses

  1. So proud of Nell.
    Beautiful pics ..really an “Island Goddess”

  2. I have been a big fan of Nells and am so glad to see she is back in cosmo! I will def be getting the August Cosmo!

  3. “She remains at the edge of the high fashion industry while remaining in the Heart of Jamaica as well as remaining in the hearts of the Cosmopolitan Execs.”

    “That is a for sure effect that of only a”Supermodel” can bring out.”

    Who writes this? What are you 12? LMAO!!

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