Nesta Garrick’s Graphic Artwork Coming to a City Near You…


Backdrop Africa gong nas poster
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The Rock Jamaica family is proud to announce that Nesta Garrick has been contracted to handle the Damian Marley & Nas graphics for the ‘Rock Bells” tour. When Nas and Damian take the stage all over the United States this summer take a close look at the back drop during the performance and the posters used to market the show. The back drop stems from a conversation Nesta had with Damian where he described

an idea of showing all things coming from Africa. The poster came from Nesta’s idea of bringing Queens and Kingston together through the Nas/Damian collaboration.  Nesta has artistic blood flowing through his veins from birth as his dad is Neville Garrick who was Bob Marley’s best friend and artistic director. So all the classic Bob Marley album covers you love from back in the day came from Neville and now he has passed the torch onto his son Nesta. The father and son are currently working on a project together called ‘Color The Music’ which is a documentary looking back on Neville’s time spent working with Bob Marley. Check out the Nas/Damian backdrop and poster below and look out for them in a city near you this summer. Check out What is Creativity for your website and graphic needs.

Backdrop Africa
Damian Marley & Nas ‘Rock the Bells’ tour backdrop…
Concept -‘Distant Relatives’ showing that all people originate from Africa.

gong nas poster
Nas & Damian Marley poster for the ‘Rock the Bells’ set and other shows.
Concept – Nas sits over Queens while Damian is over Kingston bringing these two icons and cities together.

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  1. I Dig that Nesta–Wow!

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