Jr Reid Smashes It Down At Rock Jamaica


Junior Reid doing it big from his Rock Jamaica Cabana… Click Pic above to see more…

I remember going to my first Reggae Sun Splash show at 16 in Montego bay with just my friends and I in a hotel for the weekend. My aunt cindy got us VIP passes so we possessed the power of access to the backstage area which I found out was very impressive to the tourist girls. But this write up is not about my tour guide days as a youth at Sun Splash instead that was the first time I got to see Junior Reed live on stage. As you probably know he has one of the most distinctive voices out of Jamaica which is why he is in demand not only for reggae music but also for hip hop. Rappers Game and Mimms most recently had him on their chart topping singles ‘One Blood’ and ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’. So for me to be able to see him at Sun Splash where I became a life long fan to then be able to have him perform for the Rock Jamaica family was a very special day for me and the crew.

I got the phome call at 11.30p that Junior had a arrived at Kress last Tuesday and was ready for me escort his crew upstairs to their cabana. One last text to Nesta who was on the roof to make sure the Hennesy & Guinness was good to go so there could be immediate consumption. All good was the report as I opened the back door I found Junior already talking to five girls who obviously spotted him in the parking lot and followed to the back entrance. Not to be rude Junior gives them five minutes then greets me and we head to elevator area where we wait to go the roof top. As I push the elevator button a crew of ten of Hollywoods hottest female reggae fans turn the corner to get on the same elevator and believe me from a promoters stand point I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to Junior’s night. Women have a calming affect on men in general but especially superstars so the vibe was instantly relaxed. Security held the ladies back as he allowed the VIP to have the elevator to himself but just as the door started to close Junior leaned to me and said ‘What about the girls dem?’ At that point I stuck my leg quickly into the path of the elevator doors obviously risking serious injury in order to keep my artist happy but saving us from a very quiet and awkward ride to the top. All ten girls poured inside the elevator and the night officially started at that point because it was all hugs, laughs and a couple ‘feel ups’ by the time the ride was over.

We walked off the elevator and proceeded to the cabana to link up with Nesta who opened the Hennessey and everyone started to drink and mingle. There was a massive crowd around Juniors cabana as everyone was taking pictures and coming to meet him and after about an hour of that I was given the signal that he was ready for the microphone. The wireless mic was turned on and handed to him at the cabana and he started to walk around the party singing ‘One Blood’. He the jumped up on one of the dancers stands and sang three more songs before stepping down and walking back to the cabana. The crowd was going crazy and he was obviously feeling the vibe because he asked back for the microphone and proceed to do 4 more songs from his cabana. While Junior was performing at his cabana the girls were hanging on him and snapping pictures. It might have been the coolest thing I have ever seen and definitely the best way to end a show. See you again soon Junior. Nuff respek from the Rock Jamaica family. Click here or the pictures below to see them all…


Junior Reid – Click pic to see the rest…


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