VIMBY’s Candied Cartel Blog Reviews Rock Jamaica Launch

VIMBY (Video In My Backyard) is a video content site devoted to capturing young lifestyle and culture all over the nation. In other words these guys know whats cool and then they post blogs and videos about the happenings in your area. The top blog on VIMBY is the Candied Cartel and we are happy to report that the head blogger of the site, Tamika Petty aka Mekuh, thinks Rock Jamaica is kind of dope or she was just was aking me for some good dope. Whatever the case may be Mekuh and the Vimby crew came to Rock Jamaica’s launch last tuesday May 19th @ Kress holding down the dance vibes all night long. Lucky for us she eventually stopped dancing, went home and started blogging about the new rooftop LA Reggae party. It is cool for us to be written about but an even bigger honor to be written about by one the coolest sites online…  Enjoy Mekuh’s big up of Rock Jamaica by visiting the Candied Cartel…

Jason and Candied Cartel’s Mekuh @ Rock Jamaica’s launch.



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