Recap of Rock Jamaica’s ‘Reggae on the Roof’ Launch @ Kress

Rock Jamaica’s ‘Reggae on the Roof’ Launch @ Kress in Hollywood, Tuesday May 19th….

The Rock Jamaica family would like to thank all of you who packed Kress in Hollywood on Tuesday night to celebrate the launch of Rock Jamaica’s ‘Reggae on the Roof’ 2009. It was a great night of Jamaican Culture becoming one with Hollywood creating an authentic uptown Kingston vibe. The night was beautiful in many ways but for me to see such a great mix of people all vibing off the sounds of reggae and dancehall music was the highlight. ‘Out of Many One People’ is my country’s motto and I haven’t witnessed anything that made me feel as close to Kingston while living in LA as I did on Tuesday night. The positive energy of different cultures coming together to celebrate the love of reggae music, life and dancing was felt through out the roof top by everyone in attendance. To me that is the essence of what reggae music can do for people and why Jamaica, a country of only 2.5 million people, has influenced the entire world.

Being close to the Marley family can only be described as a blessed feeling and it was our privilege to host Rohan Marley’s Earth Strong on Tuesday at the launch of Rock Jamaica. Free i Entertainment created Rock Jamaica to promote Jamaican Culture and all en devours that the next generation of Marley’s put together. From Rohan’s ‘Marley Coffee’ to Damian’s album promotions we look forward to helping push forward their projects in an effort to spread positivity.

I have to give love to my partners in the Kress roof top venture our media specialist Bobby O’neill and our art director Nesta Garrick. Together we put in countless hours into creating the vibe you felt and will continue to feel at ‘Reggae on the Roof. We are a group of artists and what you witnessed on Tuesday was a living piece of art from the arrangement of furniture, music, lighting to the online and offline marketing efforts. Your enjoyment is not taken lightly by us and never will be so please know we have your interests at heart with each and every ‘Reggae on the Roof’ you attend. Special shout out to Peter Mott who gets us mentioned on radio stations and creates avenues for corporate sponsorship of ‘Rock Jamaica. Family ting for real…

I am going to set up blogs for each of the Rock Jamaica family members who would like to have a direct dialog with you as I enjoy doing. In the meantime enjoy life and we look forward to conversing with you online and on Tuesday nights. Get to know us as we are actually kind of cool sometimes…

Enjoy the pic above, the many more pictures and the videos to come this week recapping the launch of ‘Reggae on the Roof’. Plus the promotions of next Tuesdays after Memorial Day ‘Reggae Recovery on the Roof’ at Kress…

Jason Robinson
Free i Entertainmet



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