‘The Family’ – Feat. Damian ‘Gong’ Marley

In the studio with Damian Gong Marley as he lays down a couple ‘Rock Jamaica’ dub plates. ‘

‘Reggae on the Roof Top’ @ Kress in Hollywood, this Tuesday…

The ‘Rock Jamaica’ family is looking forward to bringing a new Uptown Kingston vibe to Hollywood. Meaning we look forward to seeing a great mix of people from all areas celebrating Jamaican culture in a Hollywood setting such as Kress. For those new to Rock Jamaica expect to hear predominantly Reggae and Dancehall music mixed in with some Hip Hop just like how we throw parties in Kingston. Do not expect to hear too much of the brand new new dancehall music as we have to educate our crowd over these next few weeks by inserting the newest songs slowly. We find when people dont know the song as yet they stop dancing and since Rock Jamaica is a new concept to Hollywood we have to be gentle. But we are confident that eventually we will be able to play more of the newest dancehall hits mixed into hip hop sets. This way we allow our patrons who are new to the Dancehall vibe a chance to dance to songs already familiar to them. We understand that we cannot please everyone with the music selection but we will do out best to find a middle ground. Remember this is not Toronto, Miami or New York where Jamaican culture has infiltrated the city and is even heard on main stream radio stations on the regular. Our Dj Black Gold sound plays off the vibe of the crowd so if the crowd is only dancing to hip hop you may hear more hip hop than normal so please dance to the reggae/dancehall if that your preference (i know i will be).

We look foward to your comments and suggestions so please come out and enjoy yourself. If you have questions about a song please find the closest Jamaican and I am sure the will be happy to date you and then answer your question. ha…


7 Responses

  1. Very,very nice.Pity I couldn’t share.

  2. cant be a party without some old school toots and the maytals

  3. You rock buddy. Can’t wait to to come fell the vibe. Skank’n it

  4. Just sending support from the UK. When I am next in town I plan to touch down. Lets keep the link strong.

    One Love

  5. Plan to come out n whine me waist up a likkle. . . . See you soon.

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