99 Films Made in Jamaica Last Year

Jamaica is known world wide for its contribution through reggae music and gold medals in sports. However, what Jamaica should be really known for is the creativity of its people in many different arenas. Film is one of the areas where young Jamaicans are taking advantage of cheap technology to create local tv and film projects. Most the films made in Jamaica last year were foreign based but a good percentage were locals venturing into the film industry. Click here to read the full article…


Rock Jamaica’s “Reggae on the Roof Top” This Tuesday at Kress Hollywood

Scenes from the ‘Rock Jamaica’ Reggae on the Roof Top Launch with the exclusive Rock Jamaica song performed by Damian Marley…

Kress 6608 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028. Located at Hollywood & Schrader Ave. You cannot enter through the front so please enter off Schrader Ave. through the back parking lot across from Opera.

This Tuesday Rock Jamaica continues the best dance party in Hollywood ‘Reggae on the Roof’ at Kress. The exclusive Hollywood roof top venue where everyone feels VIP.

Table and drink specials continue this week. Choose your cabana/table from our map for your Birthday Party or friends by clicking here… Be in the center of the action with a table or chill in a cabana. Just let us know the vibe you are looking to achieve when you host your friends…


Drink Specials

1 Bottle of Mariana Vodka, Bucket of 12 Red Stripes, 10 Guests and a Cabana or Table for $190.

or upgrade your vodka…

1 Bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, Bucket of 12 Red Stripes, 10 Guests and a Cabana or Table for $290.

To reserve a table please email: jason@freeientertainment.com


Do You Wanna Dance?

Happy Memorial Day and see you tomorrow night for ‘Reggae on the Roof’ at Kress.
Join us for the best drink specials in Hollywood
9-10p Open Mariani Vodka Bar
Email jason@freeienetrtainment.com for table and cabana reservations.
Table Specials $190 for 1 Bottle Mariani Vodka and a Bucket of 10 Red Stripes + 10 people inside no cover
$290 for 1 Bottle of Grey Goose and a Bucket of 10 Red Stripes + 10 people inside no cover


New Kingston music video ‘In the Streets’…

We just came across this tune from New Kingston and we are liking the vibe… Check it…


Wayne Marshall – Good Love Music Video

New music video from Wayne Marshall… What do you think?


Trump Gets Fired – Old Trump Hotel Fire… Happening Now…

Happening right now as reported by Rock Jamaica’s Tamika Smith. Apparently a bush has caught fire near the old Trump hotel spreading to the building. No reports of how much damage or and injuries right now..

The Old Trump Hotel

Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas Blvd


Did marijuana help reggae Musicians Marley, Tosh & Wailer with their clairvoyant lyrics?

Today an interesting article came showing how many reggae artists predicted the financial collapse the world is going through now. This made me wonder if their use of marijuana as a sacrament helped to lift their mind into a more spiritual and truthful place. Maybe it did or maybe it didn’t but each of these musicians have been called a prophet along with many other reggae artists. Check out the article and decide for your self – click here