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Free i Entertainment’s monthly ‘Rock Jamaica‘ event was the premier Los Angeles reggae party for 2008. Rock Jamaica’s ability to merge the Caribbean crowd with the Hollywood crowd caught the attention of the exclusive roof top venue Kress who was looking  for new events. The two companies met and the hottest summer party was born, Rock Jamaica’s ‘Reggae on the Roof’.  The event will happen weekly beginning Tuesday, May 19th on the spectacular design-driven rooftop lounge of Kress. This summer the Hollywood Reggae scene will be created and the LA Reggae scene will expand.

Thank you for all the emails and comments showing your love for ‘Rock Jamaica’ and asking when we are coming back. As you have read above, we have the privilege of bringing back ‘Rock Jamaica’ this summer to a brand new vwnue, the amazing Kress roof top in Hollywood with a weekly party called ‘Reggae on the Roof’. For those of you who don’t know, Kress is located at 6608 Hollywood Blvd. but you enter in the back off of Schrader which is the cross street.

For those of you new to ‘Rock Jamaica’ get ready for an uptown Kingston experience which features Jamaican and local Dj’s who will spin the best Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop. Yes, we play some hip hop because in Jamaica hip hop is mixed into to most of the parties as hip hop has had a big influence on dancehall, reggae culture and vice versa. Our events bring an influential industry crowd as well as hardcore reggae/dancehall fans creating a unique networking experience surrounded by authentic Jamaican culture. Free i is creating the Hollywood Reggae scene and we are proud to promote the positive aspects of Jamaican culture.

A few things have changed this time around with the ‘Rock Jamaica‘ events. As you will see on the front of the flier we have added Art Director Nesta Garrick, Former Senior Executive with CBS, Peter Mott and Writer/Director Bobby O’neill as hosting the party along with me, Jason Robinson. Nell and Justin are not based in LA right now so once the deal came through with Kress I decided to bring on friends of mine who are experts in their fields, who have worked with me before on Rock Jamaica events and most importantly who are Jamaican themselves. I am predicting that these additions, along with Nell and Justin’s guidance, will take Rock Jamaica to the next level in the LA Reggae party scene.

Justin is now based in Kingston, Jamaica handling business on that end for Free i Entertainment along with working on other business ventures. Nell is still travelling the world doing her modeling, fashion endeavors and, most recently, completed a sohot for Italian GQ. They will fly in at least once a month to attend and help coordinate the Rock Jamaica Reggae on the Roof events.

The entire ‘Rock Jamaica’ crew thanks you for your continued support and looks forward to sharing the 2009 series of Rock Jamaica Reggae on the Roof events with all of you. Please send us your questions, comments and suggestions as your feedback helps us to develop. Subscribe to this blog as I will be constantly updating you on Jamaican popular culture news and Rock Jamaica events.